Ecological Impact

Using composite materials seems to be very far of an environmentally friendly way of manufacturing, we have for several years witnessed the democratization of bio-composites and the use of natural fiber reinforcements at the High-tech industries, sports goods factories, design, …

These natural reinforcements are frequently associated with bio-sourced matrices, some of which are now derived from almost 85% of biological sources

The fibers of linen or hemp offer a very good mechanical and acoustic behavior, and are already proposed on our instruments on the soundboard and the body, associated or not with the carbon fiber and bio-sourced resins

CO2 Compensation

San Lorenzo has moved closer to Tree nation to offset the company’s CO2 production. The European average of CO2 consumption is 9 tonnes per employee (official EU figures)

We are therefore committed to compensating for this by planting a tree in the Tree Nation plantations in Nicaragua for each instrument sold. And consequently, no precious wood is used in the manufacture of our instruments (ebony, mahogany, rosewood, …)

Sorting and recycling

The majority of the materials we use is recyclable (including carbon fiber), we have different sorting containers (Packaging carton, paper, aluminum, fibers, resins, …). Wastes are then channeled to recycling companies as much as possible

Our engagement

These measures may seem superfluous, however for every craftsman respectful and responsible , this everyday philosophy is indispensable. It contributes modestly to limiting deforestation and global warming