About Us

“It was in 2004, when idea of designing musical instruments in composite materials took shape, while I was working as engineer in a French car manufacturer

Passionate by guitar and playing since my teenage in small bands, a product design training naturally bring me to the lutherie. At begining just for pleasure

Passion and a bit of madness did the rest in 2011 when I ‘ve decided to perfecting my instruments,  to creat the following year San Lorenzo Guitars ”

Roses for my friends

“The origin of the name of the company San Lorenzo is a tribute to my Italian origins because this is also the name of my forefathers’s village in the heart of Abruzzo region

Rose is often used as a symbol of love. It was also the emblem of Cecilia of Rome which bore these flowers in the crown, and who is the patron saint of musicians, composers, luthiers, singers, and poets

Beyond the symbols, the choice of this visual identity is therefore more generally a kind of paying homage to all of those who have contributed to the birth of the company, who have supported and still support it from near or far ”


Sébastien SANTILLI