“Jeremy BEGOIN and I share the common will to do well, with the same attention to detail! Moreover, we work in close proximity, which allows the responsiveness appreciated by our Customers

Pickups are a primordial organ, and I wanted these components to be the qualitative measure of my instruments. It was logical to add our efforts for a 100% French craft manufacturing, and 100% unique as each of our Customers “

Sébastien SANTILLI

Big Sound

SP Custom offers custom guitar pickups, and knows how to adapt to all gameplay styles (blues, rock, metal, jazz, …)

Many parameters have to be mastered from the choice of the components to the implementation so that a pickup gives the best of itself. Fifteen years of experience allow to SP Custom to target the best pickup you need, The searched Sound, different for each musician


The term handwound refers to a manual guidance of the copper wire from end to end of the winding process

This method makes it possible to modify in real time the parameters (winding patterns, wire tension, etc.) which define the sound characteristics of the microphone. Combined with complete control of components and assembly, this handcrafted production gives to the pickup a final richer and authentic sound  than standard factory models


The SP Custom pickups sound exceptional, but in addition they are beautiful!

Many finishes are therefore available and customizable for a harmonious integration with the instrument and the musician